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Travelling Software Support Technician

National Mechanical Engineering Employment Agreement, private industry
Vimercate (MB, Italy)
Job Description
  • Tests the Corrugator Control software
  • Tests the Process Control software
  • Takes care of the installation at the customer’s premises of control systems for corrugated board production lines and process phases
  • Designs, tests and installs, even at the customer’s premises, software/PLC modifications, following the instructions issued by the technical design area
  • Performs line set-up
  • Sets up the various software spare parts
  • Carries out maintenance and/or repairs on installed plants
  • Collaborates with the internal test department on the preliminary internal machinery testing
  • Leaving Certificate or Degree with specialisation in electronics - electrical engineering - information technology - automation
  • PC knowledge and use: installation, configuration, Windows NT operating system
  • Fairness, resourcefulness, responsibility, flexibility
  • Excellent English proficiency (a knowledge of Spanish or other foreign languages is appreciated)
  • Mastery of the C++ and Visual Basic programming languages + Ladder PLC programming language; excellent knowledge of the VISUAL STUDIO integrated development environment
  • Good knowledge of remote connections between PCs
  • Previous experience in similar positions
  • Network protocols (TCP/IP)
  • Ability to work in a Team
  • Excellent relationship and communication skills
  • Willingness to travel (with a minimum availability of 150 days in one year); the trips may be linked to maintenance activities (up to a maximum of 15 consecutive days) or for installation and commissioning (up to a maximum of 40 consecutive days)

Career prospects: development in Project management, Customer service, Design.

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