Wavy Single flute

Wavy - for single face

The Wavy is the latest innovation from Quantum Corrugated! It is a brand new line designed for the production of single face sheets (also known as open flute sheets).

At the heart of the Wet-End is the  VSF  which allows the production of all flute types, running any type of paper, from the very lightest to the heaviest! The Dry-End has been developed based on the Quantum proven technology and experience specially adapted for this specific application. 

The Wavy has a compact design and footprint; this means that less space is needed and it is easy and quick to install. 


  • Working width: 1,8m

  • Wet-end only for Single face, all flutes can be run

  • Dry-end: Simplex only for single face sheets

  • Length: 35 m

  • Production speed up to 220 m/min


Quality of the board:

  • High quality at high speeds

  • Only one production process