The QUANTUM corrugator is a revolutionary machine adopting a production process concept that is absolutely new in the corrugated industry. It is available in working widths 1.8 and 2.5 m , with different configurations to meet every production requirements.

Quantum is the ideal machine both for special applications – production of fine flutes (N - F) with very light papers up to 40 gr/m2 – as well as for standard products (flutes B - C - E - R - T).
Its dimensions are very compact. The total length is between 55 and 96 m, depending on the configuration.

Thanks to its great flexibility the Quantum corrugator can be used for any kind of production of single and double wall board, particularly for those applications where the traditional corrugators show great limits both in quality and waste percentage, with particular reference to the production of sheets in fine flutes, allowing direct offset printing as well as the use of very light papers. Other fields of application include the production of corrugated board sheets for the highest digital or flexo post-print quality with every flute type , the production of corrugated board sheets with the highest board strength even using 100% recycled papers, and the production of corrugated board sheets with high-quality flexo-printed and coated liners (for example PE,PET, clay coated, silver or gold coatings ).

One of the most significant advantages offered by the Quantum system is the possibility of producing corrugated board that can substitute solid board in various applications with considerable paper savings.

To achieve the above results the design of the corrugatorv was totally changed. In the Quantum machine the formation of the single face web and the application of the external liner are achieved virtually at the same time in only one thermal cycle. Furthermore the ideal labyrinth in the corrugating rolls with different diameters and the non metallic pressure roll do not damage the papers. The combination of these factors as well as the fact the board is not in direct contact with the heating plates, create the following advantages:

  • Higher board rigidity and mechanical strength

  • Maximum optical appearance and printing surface quality

  • Lower Energy consumption

  • Easy production start up of the machine

  • Reduction of the operators involved

  • Reduced space needed

QUANTUM is equipped with the cartridge-type single facer to produce a wide range of flutes (B - C - E - R - N - F - T).

QUANTUM is the ideal machine for printing houses, that have the need to enlarge their production portfolio with special products and a higher production capacity; sheet feeders, that need to deliver high quality sheet in fine flutes; converting plants, that have the need to become independent from the actual sheet suppliers, having production volumes that justify the need to have their own single and double wall board production or are located in remote places, where the transport of board has a high influence on the final cost.
Thanks to its unique technical features and compact dimensions Quantum can be used advantageously for any standard production of single wall corrugated board, above all if limited space is available.


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